Happy Mother’s Day

Everyone is wishing their mother a happy mothers day. Everyone is so happy to have this one woman in their life. The lady is just so important, an awesome human being who raises you up, makes sure everything is done, you are fine, bla bla bla! But the moment you are in rage the first phrase… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day



I bought a lock and the name of its brand is 'मर्द'. Its funny how nonliving things to possess strength are personified as male, while since the evolution of mankind women has been giving birth, scientifically proven to be the most painful activity one could perform willingly. Women have not only physically but emotionally and mentally… Continue reading मर्द


I met Pawan (name changed) in a children's home. It was a home for children who are orphans, half-orphans, abandoned, rescued, ultra poor, rape survivors, survivors of some physical or sexual abuse etc. Pawan was left at this place by his father with his two more brothers. His father said he is too poor to… Continue reading Home